Optional programs and accessories – Extended wavelength

Measurement in the near-infrared (NIR) region is important for samples like colored proteins, including prosthetic groups, transition metal complexes and nanomaterials. The J-1500 with optional detector allows for the measurement of samples in the NIR region. The InGaAs detector kit includes a halogen lamp unit and allows for measurement up to 1600 nm, covering a range where overtone VCD bands are present.

NIR-region CD spectra

(Left: 0.24 M NiSO4 + 0.36 M KNa-Tartrate, Right: R-(+)-Limonene and S-(-)-Limonene)

Extended wavelength accessories

EXPM-531 Extended wavelength option (PMT)
The EXPM-531 is a red-sensitive PMT detector covering the NIR measurement range up to 1250 nm. This has been the traditional method of extending the wavelength range of the CD system into the NIR range. Exchange is quick and easy, and data from the UV/Visible range can be linked to NIR data in the software.

EXIG-542 Extended wavelength option (InGaAs)
The EXIG-542 option includes an InGaAs detector combined with a halogen light source that expands the NIR measurement range up to 1600 nm.


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