Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) and Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE)

JASCO has been developing packed column SFC and SFE systems for more than 30 years; this evolution has resulted in a user-friendly, robust and powerful SFC/SFE systems.

Fast Response Back Pressure Regulator

The BP-4340 high-speed dynamic back-pressure regulator ensures an accurate and constant back pressure (typically within a few psi), regardless of flow rate and with virtually no hysteresis. The extremely low dead volume prevents fractions from remixing and precipitation build-up in the flow line.

Wide Range of Detectors

Fluorescence, UV-visible, Photometric Diode Array (PDA) and Chiral optical detectors. Non-optical detectors include FID, ELSD and single-quad mass-spec.

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All SFC systems can be used for HPLC – simply switch off the cooling and BPR.

Integrated Modular System

A basic system for each scale can be adapted to suit any application. From modifier selection to column heater type to detector combinations.


JASCO SFC systems are compatible with most Mass Spectrometers and offer integrated control with both Advion CMS and Sciex Analyst.

Flexible Configurations

The three individual platforms for analytical, semi-prep and preparative scales can be customized to suit all applications.

System configurations

Analytical SFC System

The analytical SFC system provides the first step in the scale up process, determining the optimized separation conditions. Numerous detection options are available including UV, PDA and fluorescence. The method development add-on provides multiple solvents and columns for automated separation optimization.

Analytical SFC System

Semi-Preparative SFC System

The semi-prep SFC has capacity for larger scale purification, but can still be used for analytical scale method development. Optional column selection valves for up to 10 columns eliminate the need to remove and replace columns when scaling up from analytical to semi-prep. The open-bed fraction collector can be triggered on time, threshold or slope based on signals from up to 4 different detectors signals including UV, CD and/or MS. The new macro cyclone separators provide simple gas-liquid separation in the fraction bottle for unmatched fraction recoveries typically greater than 95%.

Semi-Preparative SFC System

Preparative SFC System

The preparative SFC system is used for large scale purification using columns with I.D.s of 10 mm, 20 mm and 30 mm. The system can be used for multiple sample library purification or individual component large-scale purification, with sample injection either using a preparative autosampler or syringe based large volume injector. Fraction collection can be triggered based on time, threshold or slope from up to 4 different detector signals including UV, CD and/or MS. The flexible fraction layout includes open-bed fraction collection for a larger number of fractions for multiple samples or valve based with up to 8 fractions for repeated injections producing large fraction volumes.

Preparative SFC System

SFE System

The supercritical fluid extraction product line offers analytical, semi-prep and preparative scale SFE systems. Various vessel options for solids or liquids are available along with method development options for multiple vessels and fraction collection.

SFE System