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NRS-4500 Raman spectrometer

The NRS-4500 Series is a purpose designed Confocal Raman Microscope with a wide functionality that makes setup fast and easy.

NRS-5500/7500 Raman spectrometer

NRS-5500/7500 is designed as highest performance Raman spectrometers based on a combination of technologies, featuring excellent optical and mechanical designs, as well as user-friendly software.

RMP-500 Probe Raman spectrometer

The spectral performance (2 cm-1)  is comparable to that of a conventional high resolution bench-top Raman system and offers many of the same features, including interchangeable gratings for selecting wavenumber range and spectral resolution. JASCO can provide the following models; RMP-510 (with 532 nm laser), RMP-520 (with 785 nm laser) and RMP-530 (with 1064 nm laser).

PR-1w Palmtop Raman Spectrometer

The PR-1w Palmtop Raman spectrometer is a palm-sized Raman spectrometer that contains a 785 nm laser, spectrometer, and detector in a compact housing.