Digital Polarimeter


P-2000 is a configurable high precision digital polarimeter with many options for measurement range, sampling accessories and software applications. The P-2000 digital polarimeter can also be field upgraded as application requirements change. Optional wavelength filters and source lamps cover a wide range of analytical wavelengths from UV-Visible to NIR in addition to the traditional sodium (589 nm) lamp used for regulatory compliance.

P-2000 Digital Polarimeter

System Features

Advanced Instrument Control

Two options for operation are available including Spectra Manager™ Suite innovative cross-platform spectroscopy software for Windows. And the intelligent remote module (iRM) with color LCD touch screen. These two control and analysis interfaces allow full instrument control and data processing. For regulatory compliance a 21 CFR part 11 versions for Spectra Manager PC control is available.

High Speed, Precision and Accuracy

For fast measurement, the P-2000 has a response speed of up to 6° per second, with a resolution of 0.0001°. The wide dynamic range from 0.001° to ±90° enables measurement over a very broad range of concentrations. The sample chamber includes temperature measurement with the actual temperature constantly updated and displayed on the control screen.


For a diverse range of sample types and measurements, the accessories and cells include many different options: a range of cylindrical and demountable stainless steel cells, a Peltier thermostatted cell holder and monochromator options. Quick-connect fittings with flow control valves are used for simple exchange of water jacketed cells for use with water circulators.

Validation and Regulatory Compliance

The automated validation program is compliant with the requirements of GLP/cGMP, USP and FDA. Validation is used for automated periodic testing of light source energy, zero repeatability, and rotational accuracy/repeatability. For guaranteed measurement accuracy, filters and sample cells with certified optical path length can be used and NIST-traceable calibration standards are also available.