For scientists performing biomolecule structure studies, advanced materials research, and quantum yield calculations who need confidence in the spectral purity of their measurements under a variety of conditions, the FP-8050 Series Spectrofluorometers provide an optical bench designed specifically for high sensitivity measurements with an expanded, wide dynamic range and automatic cut-off filters to exclude higher order diffraction.

Instrument Features

• High throughput optical system
• Highest S/N performance
• Wide dynamic range (at least 7 orders of magnitude)
• Auto Gain and Auto Sensitivity Control System
• Automatic cut-off filters for higher-order diffraction
• High speed scanning
• Advanced digital signal processing
• Spectral Correction
• Spectral bandwidth down to 1 nm

Spectrofluorometer Lineup

FP-8250 Spectrofluorometer

A compact model for routine measurements such as spectral scanning, temperature dependent measurement and quantitation.

• High sensitivity S/N > 4,500* (RMS, water Raman)
• High speed scanning up to 20,000 nm/min.
• Wavelength range: 200 to 750 nm

FP-8200 Spectrofluorometer

FP-8350 Spectrofluorometer

Sophisticated optical system with additional features for biological applications.

• High sensitivity S/N > 8,000* (RMS, water Raman)
• High resolution of 1.0 nm
• Wavelength range: 200 to 750 nm (900 nm optional)

FP-8350 Spectrofluorometer

FP-8550 Spectrofluorometer

The highest sensitivity and optimal spectral accuracy model with a wide range of accessories for maximum flexibility.

• High sensitivity S/N > 8,500* (RMS, water Raman)
• High-speed scanning up to 60,000 nm/min.
• Wavelength range: 200 to 850 nm
• Dynamic range up to seven digits
• Validation accessory included as standard

FP-8550 Spectrofluorometer

FP-8650 Spectrofluorometer

For extended wavelength operation into the near infrared.

• High sensitivity S/N > 3,500* (RMS, water Raman)
• High-speed scanning up to 120,000 nm/min.
• Wavelength range (excitation): 200 to 850 nm
• Wavelength range (emission): 200 to 980 nm (1010 nm optional)
• Validation accessory included as standard

FP-8650 Spectrofluorometer

*Typical S/N for water Raman, using baseline noise.