Highest quality circular dichroism instrumentation for over 50 years

Chiroptical spectroscopy has become one of the most important techniques for the characterization of biomolecules, determination of absolute configuration and stereochemical analysis. Since launching our first spectropolarimeter in 1961, JASCO has designed and built the finest in chiroptical instrumentation.

J-1100/1500/1700 CD spectrometer

The three models of the J-1000 series offer the most robust feature set available, for applications ranging from education and routine analysis to complex research with strict requirements.

CPL-300 CPL spectrometer

Circularly polarized luminescence systems are designed to supplement other chiroptical techniques like circular dichroism, providing chiral information of the excited state properties.

FVS-6000 Vibrational CD spectrometer

The system is capable of measuring conventional IR absorption along with vibrational CD and is controlled by the Spectra Managerâ„¢ software suite.