CPL-300 CPL spectrometer

JASCO’s uniquely designed CPL-300 allows detection of a very weak CPL signal with an unparalleled degree of reliability and ease of use. The CPL-300 is designed with two monochromators: an excitation monochromator generates monochromatic depolarized light which excites a chiral sample and an emission monochromator collects the fluorescence light emitted by the sample. A unique piezoelastic modulator and ultra-sensitive photomultiplier tube allow detection of the CPL signal.

Advanced feature of CPL-300

  • High quality 180º optical system
  • Double-prism monochromator
  • Circular polarization modulation and lock-in detection
  • Data collection and processing

Applications for CPL

Solid-state sample holder

Temperature control measurement

Magnetic CPL


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