J-1100/1500/1700 CD spectrometer

More than a half-century later, JASCO proudly presents the J-1000 series, our latest circular dichroism spectrometers. Unparalleled optical performance and available measurement modes are combined to make the J-1000 CD spectrometers true state-of-theart chiroptical spectroscopy workbenches.

Advanced features of J-1100/1500/1700

  • Enhanced vacuum-UV measurement
  • Exceptional stray-light rejection
  • Rapid scanning
  • CD dynamic range and linearity
  • Simultaneous multi-probe measurement

Which model is right for you?

J-1100 CD spectrometer

As the UV/VIS model with measurement range from 180 nm to 600 nm, J-1100 is suitable for the research of biomaterials, such as protein or nucleic acid.

J-1500 CD spectrometer

The high end model of J-1500 with the measurement range from 163 nm to 1600 nm, will answer all the demands for not only the protein, nucleic acid, but also the chiral molecule, super molecule and metal complex.

J-1700 CD spectrometer

J-1700 is high-end model, which has ability to obtain data up to 2500 nm wavelength.

Optional programs and accessories

Secondary structure estimation

  • BeStSel CFR program

Statistical similarity evaluation

  • qHOS program

Denaturation study

  • Denatured protein analysis program

Temperature control

  • Peltier thermostatted single cell holders
  • Automatic 6-position Peltier cell changers
  • Other temperature control accessories

Extended wavelength

  • Extended wavelength accessories


  • Micro sampling disk
  • Capillary cell jacket

High-throughput CD

  • Autosampling systems

Automated titration

  • Automatic titration unit

Total fluorescence and fluorescence scanning

  • Emission detector
  • Scanning emission monochromator

Fluorescence-detected circular dichroism

  • FDCD Unit
  • Artifact-free FDCD Unit

Fluorescence polarization anisotropy

  • Accessories for fluorescence polarization anisotropy


  • Stopped-flow systems


  • Flow cell attachment for LC-CD

Magnetic CD

  • Electromagnet
  • Permanent Magnet
  • Cryostats

Linear dichroism

  • Couette flow cell unit

Other accessories

  • Optical rotatory dispersion
  • Diffuse-reflectance CD


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