Optional programs and accessories – HPLC-CD

Using the CD Spectrometer as a chiral HPLC detector of CD

HPLC is an effective method for quantitative detection of trace amounts of compounds and for mixture separation/ purification. HPLC is also used for analysis of medicinal products and in food science. In these fields, samples often have optical activity allowing the analysis of enantiomeric excess and the separation/purification of the enantiomers. JASCO has been a pioneer in the development of chiral HPLC detection and offers an HPLC flow-cell for J-1000 systems enabling acquisition of high-quality chromatographic data during chiral separations.

LCCD-420 Flow cell attachment for LC-CD
The LCCD-420 enables the J-1000 to operate as an HPLC CD detector, and the chromatographic signal can be output into any commercially available CDS (chromatography data system).
* JWAOM-514 Analog output function module program is required.


HPLC-CD of warfarin

Warfarin was dissolved using a mixture of pH 2.0 aqueous phosphoric acid and acetonitrile. CD measurement was performed using a J-1500 outfitted with the LCCD-420 cell and connected to a conventional HPLC system.

CD spectra of Warfarin

Absorption spectra of Warfarin

CD chromatograms of Warfarin

Absorption chromatograms of Warfarin


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