NRS-5500/7500 Raman spectrometer

The performance and functions expected on a micro-Raman spectrometer are all provided with the NRS-5500/7500 Raman spectrometers, assuring consistent performance for rapid acquisition of high quality data with automated system control and minimal optical adjustments.

For application expansion, an automated multi-grating turret, up to 2 detectors and a maximum of 8 lasers ranging from the UV through the NIR are capable of integration with the instrument system, all optical components are PC controlled for maximum flexibility with minimum user interaction.

Feature of NRS-5500/7500

Exceptional performance

  • High confocal performance – DSF –
  • Low wavenumber measurement

Reliable mechanical design

  • Laser adjustment and optimization
  • Automatic grating switching mechanism
  • Rigid honeycomb optical base for stable measurement
  • User friendly and safety sample chamber with wide clearance and electric door

Raman measurement without complicated operation – IQ Raman NAV –

  • Autofocus – Focus NAV –
  • Automatic brightness adjustment when switching objective lenses – View NAV –
  • Automatic recognition of measurement position in real time – Search NAV –
  • Narrow down the measurement points by shape and color – Advanced Search NAV –
  • Simultaneous measurement and component analysis – Advanced Search NAV –

Various observation functions

  • Darkfield observation and MIX observation for clearer observation of colors
  • Transmitted illumination
  • Differential interference observation
  • Polarized light observation – Reflection
  • Polarized light observation – Transmission

Capturing a sample with “2D” and “3D”

  • High-speed imaging – QRI
  • Laser scanning imaging –SPRIntS
  • Surface Imaging – SSI
  • 3D imaging

Data analysis with simple operation

  • Analysis Wizard
  • KnowItAll data search software
  • Statistical analysis with JASCO Particle Analysis

Automatic assistance for measurement

  • Automatic switching of optical system, Auto-Alignment
  • User advice function

Same points measurement with ease – IQ Frame –

  • Reload measurement
  • Sample rotation
  • Combining analysis using Raman spectroscopy with other spectroscopic techniques


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