Application eBook – Raman spectroscopy

October 24, 2022

Raman spectroscopy is used to analyze molecular structure from molecular vibrations, similar to IR spectroscopy. There are several distinct advantages of Raman spectroscopy, a smaller microscopic area, spectra in the low wavenumber region can be easily acquired, the sample can be measured using a non-destructive and non-contact method, and precise information about the inside of a sample can be selectively obtained. This application ebook shows the best solution examples using of our Raman microscope, tips and tricks.

Table of contents


  • Evaluation of SiC semiconductors
  • Evaluation of residual stress/strain in a silicon semiconductor
  • Measurement of physical properties of a semiconductor material using photoluminescence

Material science

  • Evaluating the materials in rechargeable batteries
  • Evaluation of multi-layer ceramic capacitors
  • Evaluation of carbon materials
  • Evaluation of inorganic materials
  • Evaluation of the physical properties of polymers


  • Analysis of the orientation and secondary structure of spider silk

Environmental science

  • Analysis of microplastics


  • Evaluating the distribution of components in pharmaceutical tablets
  • Evaluating the crystal polymorphs in pharmaceutical development

Art science

  • Non-destructive analysis of artworks and other cultural assets

Forensic science

  • Forensic analysis of vermillion ink
  • Commercial pen ink identification in a handwriting document