FTIR Microscope


The IRT Series of FTIR microscopes can be easily paired with either the FT/IR-4X or FT/IR-6000 Series spectrometers to create systems for materials identification and sample imaging.

The IRT-5000 and IRT-7000 microscopes are permanently aligned with an external optical port for automatic switching between measurement modes without optical alignment. All models can be used for transmission, reflectance and ATR sample measurement, with a choice of manual or automatic XYZ stages. Their instrument features are as below;

FT/IR-6700 + IRT-7200 FTIR microscope system

The simple IRT-1000 microscope fits directly into the sample compartment and can be exchanged as easily as an ATR.

FTIR Microscope Lineup

IRT-5100 Infrared Microscope

IRT-5100/5200 Infrared Microscopes

With an expandable spectral range and high-clarity visual observation, the IRT-5000 series features:
• IQ Mapping* for sample imaging without moving the stage
• Automatic XYZ stage with joystick control
• Dual detectors and user-swappable detectors
• Multiple objectives with automatic switching
• Spectrum preview to check conditions before measurement
• Data storage linked with sample image and measurement information

*IQ Mapping is an option on the IRT-5100

Specifications – IRT-5100/5200 –

IRT-5100 IRT-5200
Measurement Method Transmittance/Reflectance measurement
Standard Detector DLATGS detector (7800-400 cm -1 ) Single mid-band MCT (7800-600 cm -1 )
Microscope Objectives Cassegrain: 16 x 32 x or 10 x

IRT-7100 Fully Automated FTIR Microscope

IRT-7100/7200 Multi-Channel/Automated IR Microscopes

With a fully automated sample stage, autofocus and up to four objectives, the IRT-7100 features:
• Dual detector and user-swappable detectors
• IQ Mapping
• Field upgrade for ultrafast IR imaging

The IRT-7200 linear array FTIR microscope, has the same features as the IRT-7100 model plus:
• Linear array imaging detector
• Ultrafast IR Imaging function up to 9,600 data/min.
• Dynamic Imaging with an FTIR step-scan option

Specifications – IRT-7100/7200 –

IRT-7100 IRT-7200
Measurement Method Transmittance/Reflectance measurement
Standard Detector Single mid-band MCT (7800-600 cm-1) Linear array MCT (7000-650 cm-1 x 16 elements)
Single mid-band MCT (7800-600 cm-1)
Microscope Objectives Cassegrain: 16 x 32 x or 10 x

IRT-1000 Compact, In-Compartment Microscope

Designed for ease-of-use and compatible with both the FT/IR-4X and 6000 series, this in-compartment microscope features:
• Quick in-compartment installation without optical alignment
• Transmittance, reflectance and ATR analysis modes
• Manual stage
• Front-panel controls for simplified measurements
• Dedicated PC software for control and analysis
• View sample and record spectral data simultaneously