Features of NRS-5500/7500 – Reliable mechanical design –

Laser adjustment and optimization

A focusing optical system (beam expander) suitable for each laser is very useful mechanism for the user. This system is adjusted beforehand so that the optimized light beam is introduced to the objective lens and the high spatial resolution measurement by the ideal focusing is performed. In addition, since the laser switching is performed electrically, it is possible to perform Raman measurement with high reliability without frequent optical adjustment.

Automatic grating switching mechanism

Gratings can be switched automatically through software operation, and it is possible to select the grating suitable for the laser without frequent optical adjustment. By using different gratings, it is possible to acquire Raman spectrum in wide wavenumber region at once, and to acquire one with fine and detail even in narrow wavenumber region with high spectral resolution.

Measurements of carbon nanotube using different gratings

Rigid honeycomb optical base for stable measurement

The rigid honeycomb optical base provides a stabile and repeatable measurement platform for the optical system. The aluminum honeycomb bench housing ensures system stability, even in the presence of environmental temperature changes. For instance, in the stress measurement of Si, which is particularly sensitive to environmental temperature changes and system rigidity, a peak shift of 0.01 cm-1 or less can be detected.

Time-course data of silicon peak

User friendly and safety sample chamber with wide clearance and electric door

It complies with Class 1 of laser product safety standards according to IEC60825-1. Additionally, interlock control of laser irradiation further enhances safety. The electric door also helps reduce vibration during operation.

Inside of sample chamber
(without sample holder and base)


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