NRS-4500 Raman spectrometer


Dispersive Raman spectroscopy is quickly becoming the analytical technique of choice for a wide range of micro-analysis and the material characterization, as it offers greater spatial resolution and simpler sample preparation compared to FTIR Microscopy. JASCO has developed the next generation NRS-4500 that allows researchers of all skill levels to harness the power of Raman with unparalleled speed and sensitivity.

With a variety of functions designed to automatically optimize the optical system, the users no longer face the challenges with optical and measurement adjustments, and can focus on obtaining results. The NRS-4500 combines usability and high performance, expanding potential applications of Raman in fields from QA/QC to teaching and cutting-edge research.

NRS-4500 Raman spectrometer

Features of NRS-4500

Raman measurement without complicated operation – IQ Raman NAV –

  • Autofocus – Focus NAV –
  • Automatic brightness adjustment when switching objective lenses – View NAV –
  • Automatic recognition of measurement position in real time – Search NAV –
  • Narrow down the measurement points by shape and color – Advanced Search NAV –
  • Simultaneous measurement and component analysis – Advanced Search NAV –

Various observation functions

  • Darkfield observation and MIX observation for clearer observation of colors
  • Transmitted illumination
  • Differential interference observation
  • Polarized light observation – Reflection
  • Polarized light observation – Transmission

Capturing a sample with “2D” and “3D”

  • High-speed imaging – QRI
  • Surface Imaging – SSI
  • 3D imaging

Data analysis with simple operation

  • Analysis Wizard
  • KnowItAll data search software
  • Statistical analysis with JASCO Particle Analysis

Automatic assistance for measurement

  • Automatic switching of optical system, Auto-Alignment
  • User advice function

Same points measurement with ease – IQ Frame –

  • Reload measurement
  • Sample rotation
  • Combining analysis using Raman spectroscopy with other spectroscopic techniques


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