Features of NRS-4500 – Raman measurement without complicated operation –

– Focus NAV –

Auto focus is completed with one click after setting the sample.

Automatic brightness adjustment when switching objective lenses
– View NAV –

Brightness is adjusted automatically when switching the objective lenses. This prevents clipped whites and crushed shadows, and ensures that the image is always displayed with appropriate brightness.

Automatic recognition of measurement position in real time – Search NAV –

Measurement position candidates are automatically identified in real time and displayed on the observed image. These recognized points can be registered as measurement position at once.

Real time sample recognition while moving stage

Narrow down the measurement points by shape and color
– Advanced Search NAV –

Characteristics such as size, circularity, and color of those recognized samples can be measured. It is possible to target measurement positions in details by setting parameters related to such characteristics.

Targeting by size (green: detection parts)

Targeting by color (green: detection parts)

Simultaneous measurement and component analysis – Advanced Search NAV –

The acquired spectrum is collated with the JASCO’s original database, and the names of the hit substances are displayed on the observation image.


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