Features of NRS-4500 – Data analysis with simple operation –

Analysis Wizard

The Analysis Wizard feature enables anyone to create the chemical imaging based on the MCR model analysis.

Detailed identification of unknown samples with KnowItAll

The NRS-4500 comes standard with WILEY’s KnowItAll, which is highly regarded as data search software. Search software starts up with one click from the analysis program. Features include spectrum, peak, structure search, multicomponent search, spectrum analysis assistance and more. In addition to these features, 645 organic compound spectra and 650 JASCO original spectra are installed as standard as a reference library.

In addition, WILEY’s 25,000 Raman spectra are also available as option.

KnowItAll’s multi-technique allows to search the IR and Raman spectra simultaneously and find the most relevant hits in each database linked to each other by chemical structure.

Multi component search (Mixture Analysis)
For unknown samples containing multiple components, up to 5 components are identified from 1 spectrum.

Spectra analysis support (AnalyzeIt Raman)
Searching for peaks by functional groups.

User database builder
Creating a user-defined database. Registration of sample spectra, structural formula, and physical properties possible. It enables centralized management and sharing of measurement data.

Statistical analysis of component distribution image

The JASCO Particle Analysis program enables the acquisition of shape and color information about sample from color maps and observation images. Histograms, frequency distributions, and correlation distributions can be created based on the obtained information. Additionally, it is also possible to create the stacked histograms for each component.


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