SFC/SFE modules

CO2 delivery pump

The CO2 pump includes peltier cooling (with pump-head temperature monitoring) to control the density of the mobile phase for accurate CO2 flow with excellent retention time reproducibility.

Automatic, shut-off valves close the CO2 inlet and outlet (and co-solvent pump) to isolate the pumps for quick and simple priming when flow is not pumping.

PU-4380 CO2 delivery pump

SFC autosampler

The autosampler has a sample capacity of up to 180 – 2 mL samples with both full-loop and variable-loop injection up to 100 μL. For increasing throughput, towards the end of the current separation, the next sample is pre-loaded into the loop to eliminate the loading time between injections.

AS-4350 SFC autosampler

Back pressure regulator

The patented back pressure regulator has unmatched pressure regulation precision and accuracy with an extremely low noise baseline and excellent retention time reproducibility.

BP-4340 Back pressure regulator

Gas-liquid separator

The micro-cyclone separators provide simple gas-liquid separation in the fraction vial typically yielding better than 95 % recoveries.

Micro-cyclone separator

Extraction Vessels

There are a variety of extraction vessels with designs specific for solids and liquids with a wide range of volumes.

Extraction vessels