HPLC detectors


With JASCO’s long history of spectrometer development, you will find that each detector is well designed; these next generation detectors employ the latest optical and electronic technologies for high sensitivity, excellent stability and easy maintenance. The features of JASCO’s HPLC detector are as below;

HPLC detector lineup

UV-Visible HPLC Detectors

The UV-4070 (190 – 900 nm) and UV-4075 (190 – 700 nm) UV-visible HPLC detectors both use an advanced Czerny-Turner monochromator with dual wavelength and scanning functions. Baseline change due to refractive index is minimized by the flow cell design, and fluctuation from changes in environmental and lamp temperature are reduced with a regulated lamp housing and temperature controlled cell.

UV-4070 UV-Visible HPLC detector

PDA HPLC Detectors

The LC-4000 Series includes three PDA detectors. The MD-4017 is a simple replacement for a single wavelength detector, the MD-4015 is the workhorse for UV-Visible detection in the range 200 to 650 nm and the MD-4010 has a wide wavelength range.

When used with ChromNAV 2.0 CDS the PDA detector offers multi-functional analysis with a variety of functions such as spectral analysis, library search for peak identification, peak purity and multi-wavelength quantitation.

MD-4010 PDA HPLC Detector

Fluorescence HPLC Detectors

The FP-4020 and FP-4025 fluorescence detectors have been designed for the pursuit of extreme sensitivity. A complete redesign of the optics and electronics, as well as removing the effects temperature fluctuation with a new temperature regulated cell body has led to the highest sensitivity with stable detection.

FP-4020 Fluorescence HPLC Detector

Refractive Index HPLC Detectors

The RI-4030/35 refractive index detectors include an optical system mounted in a precise temperature-regulated housing to eliminate the influence of changes in ambient temperature. Both detectors are fully stable just one hour after powering on.

RI-4030 Refractive Index HPLC Detector

Circular Dichroism HPLC Detector

The CD-4095 is a unique HPLC CD detector for measuring circular dichroism developed from the market leading J-Series circular dichroism spectropolarimeters. Optically active compounds with a chromophore close to a chiral center may absorb circularly polarized light, which can be detected with excellent sensitivity and selectivity. When chiral compounds are measured using a UV-Visible detector, the d- and l- enantiomers cannot be distinguished even when separated by a chiral column, however the  CD-4095 CD detector makes it possible to positively distinguish between the d- and l- enantiomers by measuring their positive and negative peaks.

CD-4095 Circular Dichroism HPLC Detector

Optical Rotation Detector

The OR-4090 chiral detector measures the angle of rotation of plane polarized light caused by optical active isomers and is useful for chiral compounds with no absorption. The OR-4090 uses a high intensity Hg-Xe arc lamp (150 W) providing a strong output in the UV-Visible region where the largest optical rotations offer the highest sensitivity. The wide wavelength range from 350 – 900 nm also allows measurement of a wide variety of samples.

OR-4090 Optical Rotation Detector