HPLC Autosamplers

The LC-4000 Series HPLC autosamplers provide a range of options to suit any sample injection requirements. Any of these products can be added to an existing system with keypad or optional RS232 control. Their features are as below;

  • High injection reproducibility
  • Sample protection
  • Programmable sample dilution and pre-column derivitization
  • Various injection modes
  • Low carryover
  • Easy maintenance, access all consumable parts through the front panel
  • Various options for autosampler

HPLC autosampler lineup

AS-4050 General Purpose Autosampler

The AS-4050 is a 60 sample autosampler for use with conventional HPLC with options for analytical and semi-preparative injection volumes.

AS-4050 HPLC Autosampler

AS-4150/4250 RHPLC and UHPLC Autosamplers

The AS-4150 and AS-4250 are high-capacity, high performance autosamplers designed for RHPLC (up to 70MPa) and UHPLC (up to 130MPa), respectively, with a minimum injection cycle-time of only 30 seconds.

AS-4250 UHPLC Autosampler

AS-4058 Preparative Autosampler

The AS-4058 is a large volume injection autosampler, up to 5 mL as standard (or 10 mL, option). This autosampler is used in preparative systems with either PU-4087 (50 mL/min.) or PU-4088 (150 mL/min.) pumps.

AS-4058 Preparative Autosampler