Features of FT/IR-4X – Outstanding flexibility –

Optional detector

A variety of changeable detectors (MCT, InGaAs, etc.) can be added. Users can replace additional detectors.

RAS measurement of PMMA thin film with MCT detector

FT/IR-4X + MCT detector

Expandable measurement wavenumber range

In addition to the standard Mid IR, options are available to change to Near-Mid IR (11500 to 375 cm-1) and Mid-Far IR (6000 to 220 cm-1 or 6000 to 50 cm-1) by replacing the light source, beam splitter, window plate, and detector.

Measurement for PVDF in Mid-Far IR range

Rapid scan option

The FT/IR-4X is applicable for the rapid scan measurement at 80 spectra/sec. (16 cm-1 resolution), and the rapid reaction processes can be reliably obtained.

3D map

Peak change at 1427 cm-1

Reaction process of the UV-curing resin (using the MCT detector)

Large space sample compartment

Sample compartment width of 200 mm allows for use of large accessories. Smart Purge enables purging by simply setting compatible accessories.

FT/IR-4X + 12 m Gas cell

Compatible with microscope

Since FT/IR-4X is research-grade in performance, functionality and expandability, it is possible to combine with high performance IR microscope (IRT-5200) or multi-channel IR microscope (IRT-7200) for micro measurement.

FT/IR-4X + IRT-7200