FT/IR-4X FTIR spectrometer


JASCO has its roots in the Institute of Optics – Tokyo University of Education which developed Japan’s first infrared spectrophotometer, Model DS-101, in 1954. Since the establishment of the company in 1958, we have inherited the spirit of our predecessors in infrared spectrophotometry and have completed the FT/IR-4X as the culmination of our work. The size is only 386 (W) × 479 (D) mm, and we have also achieved a 30 % reduction in power consumption compared to conventional models.

It is research-grade in performance, functionality and expandability, and supports high resolution, high S/N, high sensitivity detectors, extending measurement wavenumber, microscopy with linear array detector, and rapid scan. The sample compartment is 200 mm wide, the same width as that of a large model, and can accommodate conventional accessories, including those from third parties.

FT/IR-4X with IR microscope

Features of FT/IR-4X

Superior performance

  • High signal-to-noise ratio
  • High resolution
  • High wavenumber precision

Outstanding flexibility

  • Optional detectors
  • Expandable measurement wavenumber range
  • Rapid scan option
  • Large space sample compartment
  • Compatible with microscope

Enhanced robustness and reliability

  • Corner-cube mirrors for stable measurement
  • Maintenance-free design
  • Self-diagnosis and validation
  • Base isolation structure

Sophisticated software

  • Navigation function
  • Method function
  • ADSS-4X Advanced spectra search program

Optimized usability

  • 40 % downsizing
  • Dedicated ATR accessories for FT/IR-4X