Features of FT/IR-4X – Optimized usability –

40 % downsizing

The size is only 386 (W) × 479 (D) mm, and we have also achieved a 30 % reduction in power consumption compared to conventional models.

Comparison with conventional models (FT/IR-4000 series)

Dedicated ATR accessories for FT/IR-4X

Operability is significantly improved by the design that integrates with the main unit. Various samples including large size sample can be measured easily because the crystal surface is higher than the top surface of the main body. The iQX accessories automatically set the measurement parameters suitable for the ATR.

FT/IR-4X with ATR accessory

Remove the sample compartment lid and set ATR PRO 4X VIEW. This setting is very easy.

iQX automatically recognizes accessory and activates the measurement parameters used last time.

ATR PRO 4X VIEW allows you to check the image of the sample surface in close contact through the diamond crystal by the built-in high-resolution camera, and it is saved together with the measurement data.

ATR PRO 4X VIEW allows you to measure a large size sample without interfering with main unit because of its integrated design.

ATR PRO 4X VIEW has ZnSe, Ge and Diamond crystals that can be easily replaced.

When the crystal is replaced, the spectrum of the crystal will be recognized and a message will be displayed on the screen.