Features of FT/IR-4X – Sophisticated software –

FT/IR-X Series includes Spectra Manager™ Ver. 2.5 with integrated search software solution, KnowItAll Informatics and database JASCO edition.

Spectra Manager™ Ver. 2.5 is equipped with a navigation function that allows even those who are unfamiliar with IR analysis to perform measurements in the same way as experts. The parameters set by the navigation function enables starting measurement by simply opening them after registering in the method.

Navigation function

Measurement parameters suitable for your measurement purpose can be set by selecting menu according to the navigation.

Method function

Registering frequently used measurement parameters in the method, you can perform the measurement by just selecting the target method from the next time.

Advanced Spectra Search program (optional software)

Spectra search support program makes it possible for anyone to perform spectral analysis like an expertise operator. An epoch-making search program that uses machine learning techniques to perform classification without using a database. It has the function of classifying the spectrum of an unknown sample into 35 categories and the function of searching using a data library (approx. 600 data), and both two functions can be executed at the same time.

Classification categories

Carboxylic acids Silicone Urethanes
Carboxylic acid salts Epoxy resins Silica
Carboxylic acid esters Polyethers Silica (talc)
Carboxylic acid esters (oil) Polyethers (polyacetal) Silica (kaolin)
Proteins Fluorides Carbonates
Polyamides Styrene Sulfates
Cellulose and sugar Polycarbonates Polyimides
Hydrocarbons Nitriles Phosphates
Hydrocarbons (polyethylenes) Phenolic resins Water
Hydrocarbons (polypropylenes) Polyvinyl acetates Acetone
Acrylic resins Polyvinyl chlorides Alcohol
Polyesters Polyvinyl alcohol