Solution for removing ghost peaks derived from contaminants in aqueous mobile phase in reversed phase HPLC using gradient elution

June 26, 2020


ln high-pressure gradient elusions using two pumps, one of the causes of ghost peaks is due to the interfering contaminants with strong hydrophobicity dissolved in the mobile phase.

The Clean up column with polymer based packing materials can absorb and remove such hydrophobic components in the mobile phase.

The higher efficient removal will be achieved with the mobile phase having less than 50 % of organic solvent. As the organic solvent, Water, methanol and acetonitrile can be apply to this column.

  • Elimination by absorption of strong hydrophobic interfering components from aqueous mobile phase.
  • Flushing by organic solvent is available.

You can choose from two alternatives, column type or cartridge type.


Elimination of interfering components from mobile phase by Clean up column.

Typical flow-diagram using Clean up column

Cleanup column is connected to the  outlet of the pump delivering less elution solvent than another pump in the high-pressure gradient system:

Column Type

Product NameSizeMaximum PressureType
Clean up Column4.6 mm I.D. x 50 mm L30 MpaColumn

Cartridge Type

Product NameSizeMaximu PressureType
Cartridge-Column holder 30Holder
Cartridge-Column CLEAN-HPX3.0 mm I.D. x 30 mm L50 MPaCartridge
  • Initially, Clean up column is needed  to be flushed well by organic solvent such as acetonitrile or methanol when you use it for the first time.
  • In case with the detection by mass spectrometer (MS), the use of this  column may cause some noise in MS detection.
  • Hydrophobic chain of ion pair reagent will be adsorbed onto the Clean up column. Therefore, the peak retention time or shape may change from those without using Clean up column.
  • It is not assured that all the contaminants can be removed by Clean up column.
  • The lifetime of this Clean up column will depend on the conditions such as composition of mobile phase. Flushing with organic solvent may improve the lifetime. Water, methanol and acetonitrile can be used for  flushing.

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