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February 18, 2021


Topics Application Instrument
Oriented Films / Substrate Impurity / abnormality analysis
Contrast evaluation by polarization spectroscopy
FTIR Microscope, Raman
Color Filter Analysis of pigments and binder resin
Color appraisal
FTIR Microscope
UV/Vis, UV/Vis Microscope
Organic EL / LED Color analysis
Film thickness, optical constant
Energy Conversion of Emitting Material Quantum efficiency Fluorescence

Transmittance Measurement of Color Filter for LCD Panel

JASCO MSV-5000 UV/Vis/NIR Microscope system allows wide range of applications in material research field such as evaluation of optical characteristics of functional crystal, band gap measurement and film thickness measurement of semiconductor materials and evaluation of transmission / reflection property of micro size devices.

Transmittance spectra of color filters for  LCD panel
A circular 10 µm aperture was applied for each subpixel of red, green and blue (R, G, B).

3D Imaging of LCD Panel

Raman spectroscopy is optimum measurement method to obtain 3D imaging of samples with even complex structure such as LCD Panel. In this application, 3-D image indicates the structure of polarization film which is sandwiched by TAC films, thickness of glass substrate and depth position of color filter.

NRS-7100 Laser Raman Spectrophotometer

Fluorescence / Phosphorescence Quantum Yield Measurements

Quantum yield measurement is essential to evaluate fluorescent materials, such as organic EL or white LED used in illumination system. Three models of integrating sphere are available for FP-8000 series for measurement of total fluorescence of films, liquid and powder samples. Quantum yield can be calculated by analyzing obtained spectra using quantum yield calculation program.

Especially by using a model ILFC-847 100 mm diameter integrating sphere unit which can cool the sample by liquid nitrogen, measurement of phosphorescence quantum yield of material for organic EL can be done in addition to fluorescence quantum yield measurement.

FP-8500 with ILF-835 and ESC-842

Fluorescence Quantum Yield Measurement of Magnesium Tungstate
Magnesium tungstate used as blue-white fluorescent material in fluorescent lamp was sandwiched between two KBr plates and fluorescence spectrum was measured using FP-8500 with ILFC-847 / 100 mm diameter integrating sphere unit. Then quantum yield was calculated and internal quantum efficiency was determined to be 80.8 %, which is in good agreement with the published value of 81 % ( J. Illum. Engng. Inst. Jpn.Vol.83 No.2, 1999)

Phosphorscence Quantum Yield Measurement of Benzophenone
Benzophenone was measured using FP-8500 with ILFC-847 / 100 mm diameter integrating sphere unit by cooling sample by liquid nitrogen and then phosphorescence quantum yield of bezophenone was determined to be 93 %.

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