Analysis of Bromate in Tap Water by Triple Quadrupole LC/MS/MS

June 30, 2020


A bromate ion is generated as the byproduct when purifying water including bromide ion during ozonation. Since this ion is carcinogenic, several countries have made water quality guidelines to evaluate the bromate ion. Historically, ion chromatography with post column-adsorption photometry (refer to Application Data No.820025HRE) was adopted for evaluating the bromate ion. Recently, liquid chromatography with mass spectrometry was added to the water quality guidelines to offer a highly sensitive analysis.

This application note shows the analysis of the bromate ion using the triple quadrupole mass spectrometer (Triple QuadTM 3500, SCIEX) that detects 0.001mg/L of the bromate ion. This is one-tenth of criteria value (0.01mg/L). The Shodex Rspak JJ-50 2D, which is multimode column, was used for this experiment, and can also separate other anions. In addition, this application note shows the result of “Spike and Recovery Test”.




Bromate ion, Guideline for water quality, LC-4000, Triple QuadTM 3500, LC/MS/MS, RSpak JJ-50 2D


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