Features of PR-1w – Various optional accessories –

Vial holder (PR-1-V)

Used with 2 mL vials, liquid and powder samples can easily be measured.
For safety, a light-shielding cover is closed during measurement so that the laser beam cannot be seen.

Cuvette holder (PR-1-C)

The PR-1-C is used for liquid samples in 10 x 10 mm cuvettes.

Z-stage mount with sample plates (PR-1-Z)

The convenient Z-height adjustable unit can be used for the measurement of a variety of samples: powders, liquids and films.

Optional lenses (PR-1-OL9/OL15/OL22)

Optional lenses with longer working distances can be used for measurements from 9 mm to 22 mm.

Protective sample chamber (PR-1-DS)

The PR-1-DS has excellent light-shielding properties for highly reproducible measurements. Two different sample holders are available: liquid/powder and an ATR prism holder.

ATR measurement unit (PR-1-ATR)

The PR-1-ATR attaches the PR-1w Raman spectrometer to an ATR PRO ONE X, PRO 4X or PRO ONE. This mount switches between FTIR and Raman measurements, allowing combined analysis without moving the sample.


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