Features of PR-1w – Small-size hardware with high performance –

Simple design and operation

Connect to a PC, start the software and press the probe against the sample – acquisition starts immediately from the measurement button; there is no need for detailed settings, such as optical axis adjustment or focus adjustment.

Raman spectrum of α-Fe2O3

Most handheld Raman systems typically can only measure down to around 400 cm-1, but the PR-1w Raman spectrometer can measure closer to the Rayleigh scatter down to 200 cm-1. This makes it possible to measure inorganic substances with peaks in the low wavenumber region.

Adjustable focal distance

The focal position can be easily adjusted to change the measurement position from the surface to inside of the sample.

Compact form-factor with sophisticated optics

The PR-1w is a fixed range Palmtop Raman spectrometer with a 785 nm laser and a non-cooled CMOS detector built into a compact housing.


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