Features of FT/IR-6X/8X – Sophisticated software –

Self-diagnosis and validation

The self-diagnosis function checks the status of the FT/IR-6X or FT/IR-8X at startup. If there is any problem, it will be detected immediately. The diagnosis results are automatically recorded, and it is possible to track the temporal change. Therefore, if there is a problem with the data, you can retrace and check.

Built-in NIST traceable polystyrene film for easy validation. The status of the instrument can be checked daily and can be confirmed the reliability of analysis results.

Navigation function

The navigation function allows even those who are unfamiliar with IR analysis to perform measurements in the same way as experts. Measurement parameters suitable for your measurement purpose can be set by selecting menu according to the navigation.

Method function

Registering frequently used measurement parameters in the method, you can perform the measurement by just selecting the target method from the next time.