Features of FT/IR-6X/8X – Advanced hardware –

Stable interferometer

High-quality FTIR measurements start with the precision and stability of the interferometer. That is why the FT/IR-6X and FT/IR-8X spectrometers utilize a Michelson interferometer with corner-cube mirrors for permanent alignment to prevent light-path deviation, eliminating the need for dynamic alignment.

Mechanism of corner-cube mirror

Since the interferometer housing has excellent sealing property, it protects the inner optical components, and improves their lifetime. Reliable measurement for a long period is available by using a high luminance ceramic light source with a long lifetime, a DLATGS detector with temperature control and a moisture-resistant KRS-5 window.

KRS-5 window

AccuTrac™ DSP control

FT/lR-6X and FT/lR-8X spectrometers control the interferometer drive using the latest Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology. Compared to analog control of the moving mirror, the DSP system shortens the time interval for speed control. This mechanism provides precise moving mirror control, and enhances the constant-speed performance of the mirror drive.

Stable optical bench

The optical bench’s vibration-proof mounting prevents interference from sources of vibration.

Vibration-proof mounting

Excellent signal-to-noise ratio

Both the FT/lR-6X and FT/IR-8X achieve exceptional signal-to-noise ratios using DSP control and a 24-bit A/D converter. The FT/lR-6X starts with a signal-to-noise ratio greater than 47,000 : 1 (FT/IR-8X – 55,000 : 1).

High resolution measurement

The highly accurate 28 degrees Michelson interferometer and near frictionless-moving mirror offers class-leading resolution down to 0.07 cm-1.