Food and Beverage Science - Application eBook

March 15, 2024

Spectroscopy and chromatography are powerful and reliable tools to evaluate quality of food and beverage. This application ebook shows the best solution examples for the food and beverage analysis using of our various products, tips and tricks.

  • IR microscope/Raman microscope for trace contamination analysis
  • Spectrofluorometer with high detection sensitivity
  • HPLC for separation analysis
  • Circular dichroism spectrometer providing the clues about pest contamination

Table of contents

Oils and fats

  • Classification of olive oil (Fluorescence)
  • Quantitative analysis of free fatty acids in vegetable oil (UHPLC-ADAM derivatization)

Proteins and amino acids

  • Component analysis of dairy product (FTIR)
  • Simultaneous quantitative analysis of multi-component in food product
  • Quantitative analysis of amino acids in functional beverage (HPLC-OPA derivatization)


  • Molecular weight distribution analysis of condroitin sulfate sodium salt (HPLC-SEC column)
  • Quantitative analysis of sugars (HPLC)

Fermented foods

  • Rapid separation of organic acids in beer (HPLC-ODS column)
  • Rapid separation of nonvolatile amines in wine (RHPLC-OPA derivatization)


  • Identification test of food additives (FTIR)
  • Analysis of preservatives and sweeteners (HPLC)
  • Rapid separation of food additives in functional beverage (UHPLC)

Hazards (impurity/natural poisons)

  • Combined analysis of food package films (micro IR/micro Raman)
  • Combined analysis of impurities in food (micro IR/micro Raman)
  • Time estimation of pest contamination (Circular dichroism)