Quantitative analysis using Macroscopic Raman Spectrometer

June 5, 2020

JASCO introduced New Macroscopic Raman Spectrometer and It’s application at JASIS in Japan and also ICORS18 in Korea.



Development of New Macroscopic Raman Spectrometer and Applications to Quantitative Analysis

For Raman spectroscopy, sample preparation is generally considered to be much easier than for infrared spectroscopy. In addition, along with some innovations of many parts for Raman spectrometer, down-sizing and low-pricing of instruments have also advanced. As a result, the needs of both qualitative and quantitative analyses using Raman spectrometer are increasing in recent days. Especially, the increase in the routine measurements, the importance for the analysis whoever can reproduce well, and the demand for the compatibility of both convenience and high accuracy are remarkable.
On the other hand, for microscopic Raman system, its spatial resolution is basically less than 1 micron in case of using a green laser, and the information obtained from the microscopic system is so local. In addition, sometimes it takes times and effort to focus on a sample.
In order to overcome these barriers, we have decided to develop the Macroscopic Raman spectrometer, which is compact and easy-to-use

The 26th International Conference on Raman Spectroscopy