Dispersive Raman spectroscopy is quickly becoming the analytical technique of choice for a wide range of micro-analysis and the characterization of materials, offering greater spatial resolution and simpler sample preparation than FTIR Microscopy. JASCO developed high quality and advanced performance Raman system, allowing researchers of all skill levels to harness the power of Raman with unparalleled speed and sensitivity.

NRS-7500 Raman spectrometer

The NRS series of confocal Raman microspectrometers includes three different optical configurations; the simple yet powerful NRS-4500, with a range of laser wavelengths, the sophisticated NRS-5000 series, with 300 mm spectrograph, offering higher spectral and spatial resolution and the NRS-7000 series with 500 mm spectrograph. All include Class 1 laser safety and share the same comprehensive Spectra Manager™ Suite of measurement and imaging software. The instrument features of NRS series are as below;

  • High accuracy spectral resolution, with the use of rotary encoders for the grating drive mechanism
  • High spatial resolution with 0.1 µm step, using the automated XYZ stage (actual resolution depends on laser wavelength and objective magnification and N.A.)
  • QRi  – a combination of EMCCD with an ultra-fast XYZ stage giving 0.1 µm step resolution QRI increases the data acquisition speed by up to 50x compared with a conventional mapping stage and also offers a significant improvement in sensitivity. Available on all models
  • Advanced Sample Search – identify target components based on size, shape, color and contrast
  • IQ-Frame – register and find the exact measurement positions every time in IR and Raman microscopy
  • SSI using AI algorithms for quickly analysis rough or uneven samples for fast measurement
  • MCR for component imaging using real-time chemometrics
  • Advanced Spectral Search for real-time component identification
  • SPRinTS (Software Programmable Raman Integration Speed) which uses Vertiscan to scan the laser through the objective to map samples that are likely to move using a conventional mapping stage, such as liquids and suspensions. (Available on the NRS-5000 and NRS-7000 models only)
  • Long working distance stage and objectives, for larger samples and temperature control and high pressure accessories
  • Optional fiber probe interface for external measurements
  • Macro objective for measurement of powders and liquids
  • Patented Fluorescence Rejection,  an algorithm to reduce or eliminate fluorescence an enhance Raman measurement. Available on all models
  • Spectra Manager™ Imaging Suite with KnowItAll®, for comprehensive measurement, analysis and reporting. The cross platform software includes the same feature for all NRS models with many options for chemometrics, spectral analysis, etc.

The RMP-500 is a ‘field-rugged’ probe Raman spectrometer with a robust optical design and tolerance to being transported.

Raman spectrometer Lineup

NRS-4500 Raman spectrometer

The NRS-4500 Series is a purpose designed Confocal Raman Microscope with a wide functionality to make setup fast and easy.

NRS-4500 Raman spectrometer

NRS-5500/7500 Raman spectrometer

NRS-5500/7500 is desiged as highest performance Raman spectrometers based on combined technologies with excellent optical design, mechanical design, and usability software.

Research grade confocal Raman microscope
f300-mm monochromator
Maximum spectral resolution: 1 cm-1

World-class flagship model
f500-mm monochromator
Maximum spectral resolution: 0.7 cm-1

NRS-5500 Raman spectrometer

RMP-500 Probe Raman spectrometer

The spectral performance (2 cm-1)  is comparable to that of a conventional high resolution bench-top Raman system and offers many of the same features, such as interchangeable gratings for selecting wave number range and spectral resolution. JASCO can provide the following models; RMP-510 (with 532 nm laser), RMP-520 (with 785 nm laser) and RMP-530 (with 1064 nm laser).

RMP-510 Probe Raman Spectrometer