FTIR Spectrometers

JASCO is proud to offer unrivaled, class-leading performance in FTIR spectroscopy, using the best in materials and electronics technology available today.

FT/IR-4000/6000 series offers reliable operation with industry-leading sensitivity and the most advanced technology available today. Its instrument features are as below;

The VIR Series portable FTIR spectrometer is compact, lightweight and versatile. The collimated entrance and exit ports make it an ideal instrument for a wide range of user-designed experiments. The instrument features of VIR series are as below;

  • 45 deg Michelson sealed interferometer with KRS-5 windows and gold coated light weight corner cube mirrors
  • DLaTGS detector (standard) MCT and InGaAs (Options)
  • ‘Antivibration learning system’ for the moving mirror for industrial environments
  • Accessories for ATR, Transmission and Diffuse or Specular Reflectance
  • Customizable for in-situ measurements in factory or field locations
  • Multiple configuration of up to three accessories on one spectrometer with external connection optics
  • Universal optical base allowing users to build customized systems
  • Eco-friendly system including sleep-mode as well as a compact & space-saving design
  • High-speed monitoring with optional 40 Hz Rapid Scan
  • Comprehensive self-diagnostics & validation
  • USB connection with Spectra Manger™ Suite PC control and analysis

FTIR Spectrometers Lineup

FT/IR-4600 FTIR Spectrometer

FT/IR-4600/4700 FTIR Spectrometers

The 45 degree Michelson interferometer with corner-cube mirrors used in the FT/IR-4000 series provides class-leading performance normally found in research-grade spectrometers. Designed principally for use in the mid-IR region it can also be used for dedicated near- and far-IR applications. The rigid cast-aluminum construction, coupled with advanced optical and electrical components, provide performance and durability. The FT/IR-4000 Series also has many options for other measurements, from simple transmission and gas analysis to diffuse and specular reflectance. The FT/IR-4000 is well suited to QA/QC, teaching and simple research. With 0.4 cm-1 resolution the FT/IR-4700 can be used for higher resolution gas analysis.

Specifications – FT/IR-4600/4700 –

Maximum Resolution0.7 cm-10.4 cm-1
S/N Ratio25,000:135,000:1

FT/IR-6600 FTIR Spectrometer

FT/IR-6600/6700/6800 FTIR Spectrometers

The FT/IR-6000 Series of research-grade spectrometers offers a highly configurable optical system applicable to virtually any FTIR application, from simple mid-IR measurement to more complex analysis in the farthest reaches of the electromagnetic spectrum. With three levels of optical configurations, research-based measurements are easily performed on the FT/IR-6000 Series with options such as full-vacuum, gold-coated optics, rapid & step-scan and FT-Raman for more advanced experiments.

Specifications – FT/IR-6600/6700/6800 –

Maximum Resolution0.4 cm-10.25 cm-10.07 cm-1
S/N Ratio45,000:147,000:155,000:1

VIR-200 Versatile FTIR spectrometer

VIR-100 General Purpose Mid IR Spectrometer

  • General-purpose Mid-IR  Spectrometer
  • Spectral Range: 7,800 – 350 cm-1
  • Resolution: 0.9 – 16 cm-1
  • S/N ratio: 18,000:1 (DLaTGS)

VIR-200 High resolution Mid-IR Spectrometer

  • High resolution and advanced anti-vibration technology
  • Maximum resolution for both solids and gases
  • Maximum resolution 0.4 – 16 cm-1
  • Spectral range: 7,800 – 350 cm-1
  • S/N ratio: 22,000:1 (DLaTGS)

VIR-300 NIR Spectrometer

  • NIR interferometer for a wide range of near-infrared applications.
  • Optional sampling systems include a fiber optic interface with sample probes and a range of diffuse reflectance accessories for quality control applications
  • NIR configuration with CaF2 beam splitter and halogen light source
  • Spectral range: 15,000 – 2,200 cm-1
  • Maximum resolution: 0.4 – 16 cm-1