VIR-100/200/300 Multi-purpose FTIR spectrometer

The VIR series FT-IR spectrometers are designed with flexibility in mind, providing various configurations for the laboratory, the field and customized applications.
For even greater flexibility, external connection optics allows the user to install up to three different attachments in one system, selecting the most appropriate application accessory by simply switching the PC controlled optical configuration. A further extension of application capabilities can be achieved by integrating the universal optical base to configure a freely customized configuration by simply placing optimized optical components and sample holders onto the base. Thus even a large sample or an attachment which cannot fit in a standard sample compartment can now be utilized without compromise.

VIR-200 Multi-purpose FTIR spectrometer

Features of VIR-100, 200 and 300

  • Three models available: VIR-100, 200 and 300.
  • Simple and easy-to-use operations by combination of a variety of attachments and measurement/analysis programs
  • Parallel configuration of up to three attachments in one system by utilizing the External connection optics
  • Universal optical base allowing users to build customized systems
  • Eco-friendly system including sleep-mode as well as a compact & space-saving design
  • High-speed monitoring using the optional 40 Hz rapid scan
  • Highly reliable data acquisition based on self-diagnostics & validation functions

System configurations using VIR modules

The most suitable system can be configured by selecting specific accessories matched to the desired applications, additional accessories added as needs change.

Step 1: Selection of FTIR

  VIR-100 Mid IR standard model VIR-200 Mid IR advanced model VIR-300 Near IR model
Wavenumber range: 7800 to 350 cm-1 7800 to 350 cm-1 15000 to 2000 cm-1
Resolution: 0.9 to 16 cm-1 0.4 to 16 cm-1 0.4 to 16 cm-1
S/N ratio: 18000 : 1 22000 : 1 4000 : 1
Detector: Standard: DLATGS DLATGS DLATGS
Option: M-MCT, N-MCT, W-MCT InGaAs, InSb, M-MCT, N-MCT, W-MCT InGaAs, InSb, M-MCT, N-MCT, W-MCT
Beam splitter: Standard: Ge/KBr Ge/KBr Si/CaF2
Option: Broadband KBr Broadband KBr
Light Source: Standard: High-intensity ceramic source High-intensity ceramic source Halogen lamp
Option: Halogen lamp (Auto switching) High-intensity ceramic source
Rapid scan: 40 Hz (Option) 40 Hz (Option)

Step 2: Selection of accessories

A wide variety of measurement attachments are available.

Name of attachment Main application / feature
SmartTech attachment Qualitative measurement of powder and solid samples
Fiber interface attachment Process monitoring
Long path gas cell attachment Quantification of gas/vapor samples
Single reflectance ATR attachment Analysis of powder, solid and liquid samples
NIR Specular reflectance attachment Non-destructive measurement of coatings and reflective samples
IRT-1000 micro IR attachment Micro-samples and contaminants
Autosampler attachment High throughput analysis of drugs, etc.
Transmission measurement attachment Qualitative / quantitative analysis of film samples
MultiChambIR attachment Three measurement modes (Transmittance/reflectance, diffuse reflectance and ATR) in one attachment

The unique MultiChamberIR attachment allows a user to select among three measurement modes from transmittance, ATR and DRIFTS in one attachment. Such multi-measurement modes in one attachment are best suited to incoming inspection of a wide variety of samples ranging from solids to powders to liquids for qualitative and quantitative applications.

Combination with MultiChambIR attachment

Furthermore, the Universal optical base allows a user to configure freely customized optics by simply putting mirrors and sample holders onto the bench.

Universal optical base

Optical units

Newly developed External connection optics enables the parallel configuration of up to three attachments in one system.

Combination example with external connection optics

System configuration examples

External connection optics

Qualitative, surface and quantitative analysis can be carried out in one system.

Contaminant analysis

A wide range of sample sizes from centimeters down to microns can be easily analyzed.

Universal optical base (gas analysis)

A wide range of gas concentrations can be applied by attaching gas cells with several different pathlengths.