Compact HPLC modules

Compact HPLC modules

  • PU-4580 for conventional HPLC analysis (up to 10 mL/min.), and PU-4585 for semi-micro HPLC analysis (up to 4 mL/min.)
  • Various optional unit for PU-4580/4585
  • Simple maintenance (front access).

PU-4580 HPLC pump

AS-4550 HPLC Autosampler

  • Various sample injection methods are available. (dilution, pre-column devrivatization)
  • High capability of setting the various sample vials by using optional sample rack.
  • Temperature control of sample by using temperature control unit (4 -40 ºC: optional).

Optional sample rack

  • for Eppendolf tube
  • for 300 µL vial
  • for 600 µL vial
  • for 96-well microplate

AS-4550 HPLC autosampler

UV-4570/4575 HPLC UV-Vis Detector

  • Measurement range of UV-4570 with D2/WI lamps is 190 – 900 nm, and the one of UV-4575 with D2 lamp is 190 – 600 nm.
  • Various options for UV-4570/4575 such as the micro cell unit.
  • Useful on-flow spectrum measurement.

UV-4570 UV-Visible HPLC detector