Room-temperature Chemical Synthesis of Diatomic Carbon

May 25, 2020

UCHIYAMA group (Univ. of Tokyo) introduces “Room-temperature Chemical Synthesis of C2” on the special page of Nature Communications.

Diatomic carbon (C2) exists in carbon vapour, comets, the stellar atmosphere, and interstellar matter, but although it was discovered in 1857, it has proved frustratingly difficult to characterize, since C2 gas occurs/exists only at extremely high temperatures (above 3500°C).

They present the first straightforward room-temperature/pressure synthesis of C2 in a flask, and evaluate these product by using JASCO’ analytical instruments (FTIR spectrometer (FT/IR-4700), Raman spectrometer (NRS-4500 and NRS-5500) and UV-Vis/NIR spectrophotometer (V-670)).

More Information can be found here:

Room-temperature Chemical Synthesis of C2: Evidence for Quadruple Bonding Character and Role in Nanocarbon Formation