High quality design for high sensitivity and stability

Optimized optics

The FVS-6000 employs a 28° interferometer to reduce polarization effects and reflective optics to eliminate artifacts caused by birefringence for high-quality VCD data. The isolated mount of the IR light source and the thermal control of the PEM crystal offers long-term baseline stability.

VCD and IR Spectra of pinene

VCD auto alignment

The auto alignment function optimizes the VCD optics to reduce linear anisotropy artifacts. No manual alignment is required when the detector and/or optical filters are exchanged.

Lock-in detection by DSP

Phase-sensitive lock-in detection by DSP (Digital Signal Processing) with a sophisticated algorithm optimized for VCD offers drastic improvement of the S/N ratio.

Purge capability

The optics, sample chamber and detector housing are all purgeable to obtain high-precision data free of environmental interference.


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