The release of new UV/Vis/NIR Microscopic Spectrophotometer – MSV-5500/5700/5800 –

December 14, 2021

JASCO Corporation (Tokyo, Japan) is pleased to announce the release of new UV/VIS/NIR microscopic spectrophotometers (MSV-5500/5700/5800).

MSV-5500/5700/5800 can perform 10 μmφ area spectral transmittance and reflectance measurements. Since the cassegrain mirrors are installed to MSV-5500/5700/5800, wide wavelength range measurement without chromatic aberration is available. In addition, MSV-5500/5700/5800 uses double beam optics, which provide high photometric stability.

These features enable to perform the following applications.
• Optical property evaluation of micro devices and photonic crystals
• Bandgap measurement and film thickness measurement of semiconductor devices

JASCO can provide the flexible options, which help the user. The examples are as below.
• Various accessories such as automatic XYZ stage and integrating sphere
• Sharing of measurement position information with infrared microscope and Raman microscope – IQ Frame

As regulatory compliance and guaranteed data accuracy become increasingly important, all instruments include comprehensive validation as standard.

JASCO has been developing Spectra Manager™ Suite of spectroscopy data measurement and analysis software application for more than three decades. The latest version complements the MSV-5500/5700/5800 and includes many of the cross-platform tools for our entire range of molecular spectroscopy instruments with many new features that help the user get better data faster and with flexible options to analyze, store and report.

This is just a snapshot of the MSV-5500/5700/5800, you can find out more here.

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