Release announcement of Spectra Manager BeStSel

April 9, 2024

JASCO is pleased to announce the release of the new software Spectra Manager BeStSel developed under collaboration with Dr. József Kardos and Dr. András Micsonai of ELTE.

Circular dichroism (CD) spectroscopy is a technique for the experimental characterization of the structure of biomolecules. For therapeutic proteins and antibodies, the study of the higher order structure is an integral part of their characterization. Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) researchers József Kardos and András Micsonai at the Department of Biochemistry have developed the BeStSel method to estimate the protein structure from the CD spectra with performance and accuracy superior to the legacy algorithms. Their publications on the method have been cited by more than a thousand scientific papers1. In addition to higher accuracy, the BeStSel program provides more structural information by distinguishing eight specific secondary structures compared to earlier algorithms.

ELTE has hosted the popular BeStSel website allowing users to analyze CD data online, however, many biopharma companies are unable to use their proprietary data on the site.

JASCO Corporation (Tokyo, Japan) is now pleased to announce a long-term collaboration with ELTE to utilize an offline BeStSel software in their Spectra Manager Ver. 2.5 and CFR software packages. JASCO’s CD instruments equipped with the new analysis software will be able to analyze Higher Order Structure with the highest accuracy and specificity while also meeting industry standards and regulations.

JASCO Corporation is a global leader in a wide range of innovative technologies in optical spectroscopy and chromatography, operating in more than 57 countries.

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