Material Research Applications / Impurity Analysis

October 15, 2021

Impurity analysis is one of the most important measurement methods for quality control and research in the materials science industry. The vibrational spectroscopy techniques such as IR and Raman spectroscopy measurements and subsequent analysis using a spectral library are critical methods for the analysis of the chemical structure of impurities in products or specific samples.  Jasco manufactures a wide range of instruments and applications for these impurity analysis requirements.

IR Microscope system (several µm)

Infrared microscope is used extensively as one of the identification approaches for micro foreign materials. Since in microscopic infrared spectroscopy there is a huge database, it work very well on the identification of foreign materials.

  • Most extensive spectral database information
  • Minimal sample preparation
  • Rapid measurement capability using high speed imaging function

IR microscope system (FT/IR-6700 + IRT-7100)

Spectral search by KnowItAll® JASCO Edition

KnowItAll™ Informatics

KnowItAll™ Informatics JASCO Edition, includes a suite of comprehensive spectroscopic analysis functions such as a spectral search program (SearchIt, more than 230,000 spectra), a spectral interpretation program (AnalyzeIt with functional group analysis), and user-customized report templates.

Smart measurement by Clear-View ATR objectives

The sample surface can be observed through the crystal with the Clear-View ATR objectives, which makes it possible to check if the sample is precisely contacted to the target area.
Furthermore, IQ Mapping enables measurements at any point and ATR mapping measurement while remaining in contact, eliminating the effects of cross-contamination as in conventional methods.

Measurement of fibers by Clear View ATR

Raman microscope system (less than 1 µm)

Since Raman spectroscopy enables to obtain the information on molecular structure as well as IR spectroscopy, it is frequently used for foreign material analysis.

  • Non destructive measurements
  • Inorganic compound measurements in the low wave number region
  • Rapid measurement capability using high speed imaging function

Raman microscope system (NRS-5500)

Observation view (top) and Raman spectrum (bottom) of buried foreign material 

Analysis of buried foreign material

Some inspection methods needs the sample preparation to measure the sample properly, and especially it is very hard to measure the buried foreign material. Raman spectrometer can measure the buried sample in non-contact and non-destructive manner without lousy sample pretreatment.

Low wavenumber measurement

In general, lattice vibrations of inorganic substances or crystals composed of heavy atoms cause peaks in the low wavenumber region. Raman spectra of an iron rust in this region clearly showed structural differences in iron compounds.

Observation view (top) and Raman spectra (bottom) of iron rusts