The release of new FTIR spectrometers – FT/IR-X Series –

August 15, 2022


JASCO Corporation (Tokyo, Japan) is pleased to announce the release of a completely new range of FTIR spectrometers FT/IR-X Series.

FT/IR-4X is research-grade in performance, functionality and expandability, and supports high resolution, high S/N, high sensitivity detectors, extending measurement wavenumber, microscopy with linear array detector, and rapid scan. FT/IR-4X can improve work efficiency, and provide high-quality data.

FT/lR-6X and FT/lR-8X spectrometers offer a highly configurable optical system applicable to virtually any FTIR application, from simple Mid IR measurement to more complex analysis in the farthest reaches of the electromagnetic spectrum. Research-based measurements are easily performed on the FT/lR-6X or FT/lR-8X spectrometers with options such as full-vacuum, gold-coated optics, rapid & step scan and FT-Raman for more advanced experiments.

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